Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

When making my music video I was worried people would not appreciate it. I was reluctant to have a clear narrative and plot. I wanted to create something really abstract.

Throughout the editing process I received feedback along the way and learnt that people did not want to watch something they did not understand. I had so many different ideas and so many new things I wanted to try. I thought I could condense them all into a three minute music video. I had to conform slightly and produce something an audience would understand and love. The song alone is a very acquired taste and may be a lot to take in. I learnt that every video needs some sort of narrative. I was not comfortable at first and was very reluctant to create a 'story'. I am now happy with the final product.

Once I had finished the music video, I recieved nothing but positive feedback. I screened the finished piece to my media class and they were very complementary even if they did not completely understand it.

Comments I received:
- "There's something tragic about it".
- "I usually moan about videos without miming, but in this case it works".
- "It's very elegant".
- "It reminds me of something delicate".
- "There's nothing on the TV, but it looks good".

Many people have commented on a one shot in particular. A mid-shot focusing on the reflection of the television shown on a polaroid. They seem to think it is some sort of edit, but it is just a reflection. I did not plan it, It was a spur of the moment thing and I thought it looked good.

After the screening, I was eager to find some sort of critism.

More comments I received:
- "I thought it was wonderful - it had that Chris Cunningham feel tempered by a 'Life on Mars' stuck in time feel"
- "The child footage looks really good"
- "It's well put together and I like the shot of the leaf in the gutter"

The only form of critism I recieved was a comment on the sequence where as a child I am blowing out candles: "You fail at blowing candles out".

I never intended on creating a tragic piece of film. After listening to the song more than once, it reminded me of the notion of remembering, and all I wanted to do was explore this. I am a huge fan of the exsisting artist and I can undertsand why people would havee this perception.

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