Sunday, 1 November 2009


On the last day before half-term I had a media lesson. Most people were working on their album covers, but I'd prefer to do that last. As I plan to use a still from shooting on the back of my album cover.
I was planning to shoot on the first Monday back so I decided to start on my animatic. I had sheets and sheets of storyboarding that I scanned in, but I still didn't have enough for two minutes. I was really suprised to be honest and it was a little frustrating.

You can never rely on males.
Tomorrow I'm going to ask the music department if they have one. If not, I'll chase up the boy that has the metronome or I'll just have to buy one myself.

Over the halfterm I have been storyboarding, so I will continue with my animatic tomorrow.

After school I have the broadcast camera booked. As I am still metronome-less, I plan to film the projection footage and get it out of the way first.
I also hope to do a photoshoot with Hannah.

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