Monday, 2 November 2009


I added another three pages of story boarding today and actually finished my animatic. :D

I really, really do not like the way animatics look in general. I cannot draw and I feel my animatic does not portray how I want my video to look. Having said that I do think animatics are vital when it comes to making a film. I like how they do so much more than storyboards. But with this one, I did it because I had to.

My animatic may come across as repetitive, but I can assure you, my video will NOT be at all repetitive.
I found that there was only so much I could draw, and the majority of the things I wish to do in my video I did not really know how to draw. When it comes to the pitch, I feel I was probably be able to explain my concept a bit better.

- At the beginning of the video, I would like to have some sort of establishing shot without any music. At the time, I wanted to start the video with a mid-shot of my act with her back to the camera, but now I want to start with an establishing shot of the room she is in with the televisions. I felt a fade transition would work best as the image fades out, the music will begin.

- Throughout the video, I had to repeat the same drawing of the piano. I did not think it mattered using the same drawing, but I guess it does look a little repetitive. I plan to use several cutaways of Hannah playing the piano. I want to use them in a subliminal fashion and have them appearing in between other clips. When it comes to post-production, I plan to edit them in a way which makes them appear and disappear quickly, I want them to look edgy and modern. When it comes to filming, I will shoot the same shot from different angles.
- I also decided to repeat the shot of polaroid a few times. Initially, I was only going to use an establishing shot (as I wish to surround Hannah with polaroids). When producing another three sheets of storyboards, I decided to include a sequence of Hannah throwing the polaroids in the air.

- I want my video to have a gritty feeling to it, and for some reason the rainy/windy weather sprang to mind. I wish to film the wet grass, leaves
blowing in the wind (haven't drawn), and raindrops falling down the window.

When creating this animatic, so many more ideas came to me.
I'm worried about presenting my animatic as I fear people will be critical when this does not really portray how it looks in my head.

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