Saturday, 19 December 2009


I was aiming to have edited half of my music video before breaking up for Christmas. & I have.

I have been editing for a few weeks now, and I have successfully incorporated child footage. The narrative has a real nostaglic feel to it. Many of the clips are reversed and it feels like the act is looking back and remembering her childhood. With this more resolved narrative, I have also been working on my promotional album cover. I have decided to call the album 'Out of Focus', as I felt it summed up music video and worked well. It ties in with the use of blur, and the use of photography. It is revelant and works. I have also included a rewind sign on the front of my album cover. I am currently working on the track titles but I would quite like them to do consistent and I plan to use this running theme based on the notion of remembering.

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