Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I've started editing.
This year I have only used iMovie for uploading footage. I haven't done a rough cut.
I was really eager to edit and I don't feel the need to do a one for this particular creative project. I suspect this is because I made an animatic, and was so ashamed of it. So I've gone straight into final cut pro. It seems to be going really well. I was a little frustrated at first as I thought I did not have enough footage. My music video opens with an establishing shot of the TV shoot. I shot this as one long establishing shot, so I have cut it down and placed piano cut aways in between - giving my video a fast, edgy feeling. I forgot how fast the tempo of the song actually is. I really, really don't want my video to be repetitive - despite the fact that most music videos are. When I need to repeat a shot, I always do something different to it. I have flipped a few shots, reserved and added effects too.
So early into the editing process and consistency is starting to show. A running theme of televisions, which is good.

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