Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Good News

I found a metronome and a date to film. :D

I hope I don't have the same problem as last year though. My cast being unreliable, when shooting a continuity task last year I was always running after my actors (as I needed to re-shoot). After weeks and weeks of failed chasing, I decided to use completely different actors, and start over. (

It was worrying because this was such a small task, and when creating an opening title sequence last year I was worried I was going to run out of time and waste my time chasing up people. But I managed to create a opening anyway.

I plan to film the first day back after halfterm, after school.
We're supposed to be pitching our music video on the first lesson back after halfterm, which is the Wednesday.
If all goes to plan, I should have some footage I can show as opposed to an animatic, and all the planning stuff?


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