Friday, 2 October 2009

Creating your music artiste

1. Name/Connotations B.W.G.T. (like MGMT, but it stands for Bad Weeds Grow Tall [real name: Hannah] which is a lyric from the song Marche Fun├Ębre - which is a song by a female Austrian artist (Soap&Skin), who has inspired by and my look for my music video).

2. Genre: Experimental

3. Brief description of artiste: English, piano-driven 19 year old, female.

4. Target audience: Teenagers who are nonconformists and who want an alternative as apposed to generic pop bands.

5. Biography: History: Grew up in Camden, Her parents were bohemiam and had their own pirate radio, she used to sing 70s and 80s covers. When her parents past away she got a job on a real radio station and worked her way up so she could have her own slot and initially started to sing on the air. Once she belted out a few covers and recieved postitive feedback she started to write her own material. A contact of the radio station recommended her to an independent record label. Music influences: include: Nico, The Cure, David Bowie, Patti Smith and many more. Discography: A cover album with a B-side of some demos. Up and coming tour/gig dates: Tribute to Nico tour. Making an appearance at an Andy Warhol exhibition.

6. How the artist's image will be constructed: Where do you propose to push the artist's image?: Besides it being very much piano driven, there will be a real independent feel to Hannah's music as she does not only use a piano, she uses a little box that contains several noises, a laptop and to accompany her challenging music she uses gruesome lyrics.

7. How will you use web-space?: There is a website set up to get a visual feel to her music. It also has gig updates and lyrics for fans to download. We shall also be setting up an official flickr account to show fans the making of music videos or general events and also a twitter account for fans to read Hannah's personal updates.

8. What other 'gimmicks' and PR stunts do you have in mind?: Appearing at many art exhibitions, Once the demos and new album is complete she will be doing a sampling in London, at Sketch.

9. Initial Gig Venues: Royal Festival Hall, Islington

10. Any alliances suggested or already forged - How will these be exploited?:

11. How do you propose to get the press involved?: Press Release informing them about the exhibition appearances

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