Sunday, 20 September 2009

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The Fleurbelles
This band is made up of six girls, all quite punky and quirky in appearance, but at the same time, they are very attractive. Generally they have behaved in public (they have done some public work in the local area - gigging in pubs and clubs and a spot or two on the local radio stations) although this could be an issue in the future. They play their own instruments and write their own material. They have been gigging in Glasgow where they hail from and have a fairly working class background. They already have a loyal following, mostly created through a grrls network and word of mouth. This needs formalising but is a strong aspect to follow up for them. The girl's ages are 19-23. They are all single. Their music is fast paced generally and their lead singer has a husky voice (rather than a reedy or 'thinner' sound). They have a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, a lead singer and a violinist. Their lyrics focus on feminist issues. They are feisty and not tame although they could be channelled to a wider audience than they now enjoy. Their single to be marketed is called "Don't fit in your space".

Guidelines for your pitch
1) How the artist's image will be constructed
a. Your intended semiosis/meanings
b. WHERE you propose to push the artist's image
c. How you will create a BRAND identity

2) How will you use web-space?
a. What sites will you use and what style?
b. What other internet plans do you have?

3) What other 'gimmicks' and PR stunts do you have in mind?

4) Initial Gig venues/music outlets - how will you get their music heard?

5) Any alliances suggested or already forged - How will these be exploited?

6) How do you propose to get the press involved?

7) Practical Issues
a. Who EXACTLY is the target audience?
b. How will the merchandising work?
c. How will this extend the brand image?
d. What sort of CD and other promotional art styles and ideas have you got?

The band already have a niche audience consisting of males and females from age ten-eighteen. Their ideologic values, lyrics and attitude appeals to the girls and their image appeals to the male audience. In order to broaden the fanbase, we plan to set-up a twitter page for fans to see the band's updates and to hear about upcoming appearances. Twitter could also attract new fans. A music myspace will also allow the band's music to be heard and once again could attract a much, wider audience.
As the band have been doing local gigs their loyal fans and the new fans from the net will follow them to the small venues at first, like Islington, Camden Underworld initially attracting more of a fanbase. These gigs will be advertised on twitter and myspace, the gig venues will soon become bigger and bigger, from Roundhouse to Wembly! Having fans from all over the world coming to see them until they do a european tour.

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