Tuesday, 16 June 2009


This year's media coursework consists of a music video alongside a cd/dvd cover and a magazine advert. We are expected to use an existing piece of music to promote a new act and create an "image".
For media GCSE I had to do something similar. My music tastes have changed and expanded some what since year ten, so this time round it is going to be very interesting.
I intend to use something obscure.
I have until this time until September to browse my music empire and stumble across something I wish to use.

This is my fifth blog!
I will be using this space for the usual..research, thoughts, planning, etc..you get the idea


A band I am really into at the moment. Going to see them at Thursday, as they are supporting Patti Smith.
I am considering using one of their songs.
It's really hard!
So many amazing songs to choose from.

I think I should force myself to perform/lipsync

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